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Who We Are

Elpida was founded by undergraduate student of Acharya Narendra Dev college of Delhi University in April 2015, Arpit .
Elpida is a greek word meaning ‘hope’. Rhythm of success, the official tagline of the brand Elpida denotes the hope and optimistic nature and our longing to ever grow with our customers. Hope is one of the few things that is keeping this world going. Just like it we want to inculcate the faith and hope in the work that has been bestowed on our shoulders by ourselves and much like our logo we could climb the ladders of the success and still thrives for more.

This is Arpit Mishra, frantically passionate About business, and an undergraduate final year student Acharya Narendra Dev college of Delhi university; there is only one phrase that describes the whole me most aptly – MAN OF DREAMS
As relevantly mentioned by the missile man of India, late Dr. Apj Kalam – “A dream is not what you see in you sleep. A dream is what does not lets you sleep.” I too, chase my dreams ambitiously.
I am the founder & CEO of Elpida Industries, launched in April 2015 with its first brand of Elpida Notebook providing the best quality notebooks at an affordable price.



Arpit Mishra

Founder & CEO 


Ankit Mishra


Our Mission and Vision


india is a country with millions of lives and thousands of their saviors and their server.A docter does his part by saving lives of the people. A lawyer defends an innocent person.A teacher guides students for a better future of his /her children. An engineer builds marvels and technologies which makes our lives easier. Being a responsible indian citizen and an entreprenuer by profession, we find immense joy in serving millions of children and other people with fine quality of our notebooks at a genuine and reasonable price keeping in mind the need for india,sadly with high rate of illiteracy, to react and write and our little contribution in the same.


We dream of a country where everyone can read and write. We dream of india where every child, irrespective of his economic class could afford good quality notebooks which is an integral part of his/her education and literacy. Elpida could be the sky on which little artistic hands create the rainbow of their choices.


The prime motive is to make available superior quality notebooks of low prices. For that to happen we shall eliminate the intermediates which generally eat up all the profit in between causing the end user to pay more. Setting up of exclusive outlets and showrooms of Elpida Notebooks shall be the first step towards this mission followed by several other options and steps decided in the journey of india’s literacy program.

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